Fast Rendering

Designed with custom video rendering with native codes on both platforms makes the video rendering fast.

Superlative UI

One of the slickest UI design with marvelous performance. A right app for your next video sharing startup.
Want to launch your own short video sharing platform like TikTok?

We have created this TikTok clone with dedication and consideration of on-going market trends. It comes with one of the most smooth and fastest UI and video rendering engine that makes it unique from all the clones available as of now.

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Prime features of this
TikTok Clone script

Fastest Video Rendering Engine

Comes with custom designed video rendering engine on native platforms to make sure videos load and play smoothly across both platforms.

Live Streaming

Let your users streaming and reach the whole audience. Comes with live streaming feature with gifts and rewards integration.

Rewards System

One of the most vital feature. It lets user send and receive gifts either on their videos or while live streaming. Completely customizable to meet your needs.

Camera and Filters

Uses the latest APIs on both platforms to make sure camera works same and smoothly on all devices. As well as comes with filters to apply on videos without any third party integration.

Realtime messaging

Without messaging what would be the fun in using the app? Comes with real-time messaging letting your users talk to each other without hassle.

Superlative UI design

We designed the app with superlative UI that makes this clone script different from others. You won't know it unless you try it out.
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Comes with
Realtime messaging

With realtime messaging, your users can talk to each other and share contents together. Let’s other connect with other content creators. You don’t need any third party library to activate messaging system and pay extra fees. You can run all services on your own servers without any issues.

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What are the languages used in mobile apps?

Flutter is used for cross-platform functionality while Swift and Java is mainly used for native functionalities like playing videos, caches, camera and so on. Flutter is mainly used for UI while the native code is used mainly to preserve performance.

What languages are used in backend?

We have used PHP for RestAPI services and NodeJS for messaging, notification services. Admin Panel is built with PHP and JavaScript.

Is the app really native?

Yes although the Flutter framework is used for cross-platform functionalities mainly for UI all major aspects of the app are coded in native framework to preserve performance.

What technologies are used for Live Streaming?

Agora SDK is used for Live streaming while Firebase Database is used for real-time comments. While usual PHP back-end is used to show and notify users about live streaming.

Can I use CDN or only local storage?

You are free to use either CDN or local storage. You can directly change these settings from admin panel. Local storage will store videos locally on the upload folder of the API.

Can I make changes and customize the app?

Yes you can make changes however you like and can customize the app to meet your needs.

Which payment network is used for rewards system?

Google Pay and Apple Pay is used for Android and iOS respectively.

What are the server requirements?

You can setup the app on any server except shared web hosting. You would need latest version of PHP, MySQL, NodeJS and any running web service.

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The Best Plans for you


A minimal package for minimal startup
  • Android and iOS
  • Admin Panel
  • Free installation package
  • 1 License of Use


Ultra package comes with full fledged features
  • Android and iOS
  • Admin Panel
  • Realtime messaging
  • Live Streaming
  • 1 License of Use


Your complete set of enterprise startup
  • Android, iOS, and Web Version
  • Admin Panel
  • 2 License of Use
  • Free installation included

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